Rules, Policies and Procedures (T's & C's)


When you join the club, you agree to comply with all the Club Rules, and agreed policies, and procedures. Members introducing or receiving visiting sailors or windsurfers must ask them to complete a day sailing form or open entry form; these forms also include a declaration agreeing to comply with club rules, policies, and procedures, plus a statement on limitations of the club’s liability.

This page contains the club rules, policies, and procedures. The authority for the main rules is the club’s Constitution (see section 22 of this document); this can only be changed by a Special General Meeting.

Other club rules, policies, and procedures, including Standing Orders (section 3), have been developed over the years to ensure members can participate in club activities in a enjoyable, and safe manner. The club’s Management Committee is empowered to write and amend such rules, policies, and procedures.

The club has agreed that its rules, including those concerning safety, sailing matters, and training, will be consistent with the guidelines of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).


  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection
  2. Bio-security
  3. Standing Orders
  4. Essential advice for new and existing members
  5. Gaining access to the club, and locking up
  6. Member (including parent) duties and responsibilities & (DBS information)
  7. Limitation of the club’s liability
  8. Dinghy Compound Rules
  9. Casual / Informal Sailing
  10. Sailing Management
  11. The Club’s Standard Sailing Instructions
  12. Special Events Procedure
  13. Operating the powerboats & procedures
  14. General Data Protection Policy
  15. Performing Rescues
  16. Training Procedures
  17. Risk Registers
  18. Emergency Procedure Flowchart
  19. Accidents, Injuries and Major Incidents
  20. Health and Safety Policy & Procedures
  21. Food Hygiene
  22. The Constitution (formal rules)
  23. Club Equality Policy