6. Member / Visitor duties and responsibilities

    6.1 Sailing Management Duties (n/a to guests, visitors, day sailors)

    It is a condition of membership that all members, over the age of 16, undertake sailing management duties when requested by the Club, and that non-compliance may lead to membership suspension. Three suitable dates are asked for when renewing your membership. Rostered members are responsible for finding a replacement in the event of being unable to undertake their duty, it is not sufficient to inform the Management Committee; please check the club website for the dates of your duties.
    On three or four days per annum, a new member will normally be rostered as an assistant to the race management team; as an assistant, you will learn about running the racing and casual sailing programmes, including the use of the club’s Powerboats. New members are encouraged to watch a team at work before the day they have been rostered on. For more information see Sections 8 to 15 in this folder.

    6.2 Completing the Sign On sheet (applies to all sailors and windsurfers)

    You must complete the “Sign On” sheet for the day (Sailing Register) each time you sail or windsurf. The sign on sheet is located on the table in the clubhouse hallway. Parents and Guardians must countersign this sheet if their youngsters are sailing without their parent guardian.
    Adjacent to the sign on sheet is “the conditions for sailing notice”. see section 6.4. Your signature on the sign on sheet is your agreement to the conditions specified in the notice.
    For racing, no race result will be awarded unless the sign on procedure is completed.

    6.3 Other responsibilities and advice

    Please read the entire contents of this folder to gain a good understanding of the club; please pay particular attention to Sections 18, 19 and 20 which deal with health and safety; Section 18 sets out the Major Incident Procedure and Section 20.7 details the club’s policy on young persons welfare.

    6.4 Conditions for Sailing, Windsurfing or Racing

    All those sailing, including windsurfers, must complete the Sign On Register.
    The register is a record of all those intending to sail.
    A secure buoyancy aid must worn when on and near the water, and clothing adequate for the conditions is necessary.
    You must not launch before a powerboat is manned and on the water and the club flag is flying.
    No safety cover may be available outside race times e.g. during the lunch break between races.

    6.5 Your Responsibilities for Health and Safety

    Participants taking to the water are responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility. (see also parents / guardians below).
    It is for helms / parents guardians/windsurfers to decide whether their craft is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By launching helms or parents / guardians/windsurfers confirm their craft is fit for the prevailing and forecast conditions, and that they or their dependants are fit and competent to sail or compete in them. Race officials, including patrol boat crews, have a responsibility to keep watch for sailors and windsurfer's in apparent difficulty, and attend capsizes or other events as soon as possible, if the safety of the participants may be in doubt. However, nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the owners and / or sailors / parents / guardians, nor will it make the organisers responsible, for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of sailors taking part in the activity. The provision of Powerboats does not relieve owners and or sailors of their responsibilities for their own safety and the safety of their craft.

    6.6 Parents / Guardians of dependant Sailors and Windsurfers

    A counter-signature is required on the sign on register confirming parental permission for their dependant(s) to race, or sail casually.
    Parents are responsible for their dependant’s behaviour whilst racing, or casual sailing, and for their safety and behaviour whilst ashore. The Parent signature is an acceptance of the parent’s responsibilities, including any decision on the fitness and competence of their youngsters, and the fitness of the craft for the prevailing or anticipated weather conditions.
    The provision of patrol craft for activities on the water does not absolve parents of these responsibilities. If in doubt the advice of the organisers should be sought, but the decision to sail remains with the parent / guardian. The parent / guardian, or adult acting in loco parentis, who has signed the Signing On sheet or similar record must be in attendance the whole time their dependant(s) are at the club, or inform club officials of another adult who will undertake this responsibility.