Sailing Instructions - Christmas Series

1. Rules

1.1    This event will be governed by the Rules as defined in The Racing Rules of sailing 2017-2020 and these Instructions. These instructions change RRS rules 26, 29, 41, 63.1, A5 and Race Signal AP, and incorporate the Exoneration Penalty and the Advisory hearing and Arbitration of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedures.

2. Notice of Competitors

2.1      Notices to competitors will be posted on the secretary’s notice board in the clubhouse foyer and/or at the race control hut.

3. Changes to Sailing Instructions

3.1      Any changes to these Instructions will be posted on the club website at least a week before the race affected. Attention to changes will be brought to the attention of all club members via email and will be posted on the secretary’s notice board in the clubhouse foyer and/or at the race control hut at least one hour before the affected race

4. Signals Made Ashore

4.1      Signals made ashore will be hoisted on the signal mast at the race control hut.

4.2      If ‘AP’ is displayed ashore to postpone a race for which boats have not launched, it will be removed (with sound signal) at least 10 minutes before the subsequent warning signal. This changes Race Signal AP in RRS.

5. Schedule of races

5.1      Dates: As per Standard SI schedule

5.2      2 races per day run back to back unless otherwise agreed on the day

5.3      1 result discarded if three are completed, 2 discards if 5 or more are completed

6. Fleet and Fleet Flags

6.1    Current club classes will sail as a single fleet. The class flag is:

                  General handicap        Flag G

6.2    Changes may be made by the Management Committee and announced on the secretary's notice board.

7. Racing Area, Course Plan, and Marks

                  The course plan and marks will be displayed on the course board at the race control hut.

8. The Start

8.1    The following starting sequence will be used, changing RRS 26:

              The fleet will start with times taken from the visual signals. A sound system failure will be disregarded, other than the warning signal. Signals will be as follows:

- 4 min

1st warning signal

Fleet flag


- 2 min

2nd warning signal

Preparatory flag


0 min

Fleet Start

Fleet flag


8.2    The start line for a shore start will be shown by a transit from two masts on the shore, and an outer distance mark which may not be exactly in line with the transit. An inner distance mark may be laid, and in this case boats approaching the line to start shall pass between this mark and the outer distance mark.

9. Recalls

9.1          Individual recalls will be signalled with one sound signal and the class flag held at the dip (part way down), until all boats have started correctly or for a maximum of 4 minutes. This changes RRS 29.1.

9.2          Following a general recall, the warning signal for a new start shall be made one minute after the General Recall flag (First Substitute) is removed. This is as per RRS 29.2.

10. The Finish

10.1         Shore-based - The finishing line will be between the signal mast and a finishing mark.        

10.2        Each boat will sail the defined number of laps or until flag 'S' is displayed. The leading boat will then finish when next crossing the finishing line and other boats will finish thereafter.

10.3        It is not a requirement that all boats in the handicap fleet complete the same number of laps.

10.4        The time limit will be two hours unless otherwise announced on a notice at the race control hut.

10.5        In the event of abandonment, places may be awarded from positions at the end of the last completed lap.

11. Protests

11.1        Protests shall be written on forms available at the clubhouse and lodged with the OOD within 30 minutes of finishing the last race of the day.

11.2        The Advisory hearing and Arbitration of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedures will be available.

12. Scoring

12.1        Scoring will follow the low point system of RRS Appendix A.

12.2        Average lap times will determine the results for handicap racing, calculated using the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick scheme. (Club Portsmouth Numbers are calculated using the RYA PYOnline system. Click HERE for more details).

              The Club Portsmouth Number list can be found by clicking HERE

12.3        Series points can only be aggregated for the same class of boat.

12.4        Series discards will be introduced using a profile throughout the series duration.

12.5        Sailing Correct Course – when the Race Committee observes a boat failing to sail the correct course, the boat so observed will be disqualified without a hearing. This changes RRS63.1 and A5.

13. Retirements

              Any competitor retiring shall inform the OOD/Patrol-boats at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so may result in with-holding of any race result.

14. Outside Assistance

              Competitors who have received assistance from a patrol boat may continue to race provided that it is safe for them to do so. Each incident will be noted by the Patrol boat and no penalty applied unless a significant advantage in result has been gained, in which case a time or place penalty may be applied. This changes RRS 41.

15. Responsibilities

              Competitors are entirely responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility. It is for competitors to decide whether their boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By launching competitors confirm the boat is fit for those conditions and that they are competent to sail and compete in them. Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the owners and/or competitors, nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the event. The provision of Powerboats does not relieve owners and competitors of their responsibilities.

16.     Conditions of Entry

              All helms shall sign on each day before racing. Failure to do so will be penalised by with-holding any race result.