Tata Steel Sailing Club



The reservoir is over one mile long by approximately half a mile wide, where cruising can be enjoyed under the safe visibility of the on-duty safety boat crews

Tuesday evenings through the Spring and Summer months provide a safe environment for casual sailing as well as the opportunity to practice skills in a non-raciing environment.


Whatever your ability, the Lake is ideal for windsurfing in most wind directions, with a spacious grassy area for rigging, and an easy launching area.

You don’t have to worry about tides and you can enjoy the luxury of hot showers, hot drinks and the chance to have a chat with other members.


We have racing all year round at the club, as the resevior is warm enough to sail in without too much discomfort even in the winter months. During the warmer months we have racing three days a week as well as various class and club regattas

You will find club racing competitive and friendly at the same time in both the General Handicap Fleet as well as the well established Solo Class Fleet


Tata Steel SC Regatta - 19th/20th October 2019


Tata Steel SC welcomes visitors to its 2019 Regatta.

Racing will be for Fast and Slow Handicap fleets for mono hull dinghies with a recognised PY, Flying 15s and K1 and K6 keelboats.

Classes that muster 7 or more boats can be given their own start.

First race is at 12:00 on the 19th October, and there will be 5 races, weather permitting.

There will be a galley with hot food. Overnight camping is possible but please contact us in advance to request this.

Event Contact: John Rischmiller

Notice of Race: Click here to read the 2019 Regatta Notice of Race.

Sailing Instructions: Click here to read the 2019 Regatta Sailing Instructions.

Results can be found HERE

Change to Club Sailing Instructions - 1st October 2019

From 1st October 2019, club Sailing Instruction 9.2 will change to:

9.2           A general recall will be signalled by the displaying of the First Substitute flag (two sound signals) as soon as possible after the class start. The First Substitute flag will be removed (one sound signal) one minute after the class start. The warning signal for a new start for the recalled class shall be made one minute after the First Substitute is removed. Subsequent classes will still start at their scheduled time. This changes RRS 29.2. An explanatory document with diagrams is available HERE for more details).

An email has been sent to members describing the change, the reason for it, and the implications to OODs and competitors. If you haven't received this email, you can find the content of it HERE.

Tata Steel SC Fun Day - 1st September


Come along to our Fun Day!.

Ladies Race:

Open to all lady helms, mere males are allowed to crew!

It's a General Handicap race, single start, class flag "G", as per the Club Sailing Instructions


Enjoy the delights served up by our own chef, the Vice-Commodore!

Pursuit Race:

Hunt down the slower boats starting before you!

You start according to your rating, slowest boats first. The one leading when the time runs out is the winner!

Pursuit Race Sailing Instructions are here.

Ladies Race Results

Pursuit Race Results

Open Day 2019 - 8th June

Open Day 2019

Give sailing or windsurfing a try!

Did you miss it? Never mind, you can still contact the membership secretary and arrange a visit to see the club in action and try it for yourself.

Contact the club Membership Secretary to arrange a visit or answer any questions you may have on club activities.

Fleet Changes for Club Series

From Wednesday, 10th April 2019, our main club series, with the exception of the Winter series, will have three fleet starts, Fast Handicap, Slow Handicap and Solos, starting at 2 minute intervals in that order, rather than our previous two fleets, General Handicap and Solo. The OOD has the discretion to group starts together if it appears that only a few boats will be present for a particular start.

Fast Handicap has class flag numeral "4" (a white cross on a red background pennant), and is for boats with a lower than or equal to the Portsmouth Number of the Finn dinghy (1051). This includes Int. Canoe, Contender, Finn, Fireball, Flying Fifteen, Merlin-Rocket, Osprey, Phantom, RS 100 8.4, RS 200, RS 400, and Tasar.

Slow Handicap has class flag "Y" (diagonal red and yellow stripes), and is for boats with a Portsmouth Number greater than 1051. This includes 420, Argo, Byte CII, Enterprise, Europe, Lark, Laser, Laser 2000, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Miracle, Mirror, Optimist, RS Aero 7, RS Feva XL, RS Vareo, Solo, Topper, and Wanderer.

Solo has class flag numeral "1" (a red circle on a white background pennant).

The Winter series will still have a single start for the General Handicap (i.e. all boats).

Click here to see the notice of change and start sequence diagram.

2019 South Wales Traveller's Series


Tata boats at Tenby

The successful and popular Traveller's Series continues in 2019.

2018 and saw 24 boats travel to 6 venues with the winners travelling to 4 of the venues, winning the first three

Llandegfedd boats have supported the series in the past and we have included their venue this year as a result as well as visits to perennial favourites Saundersfoot, Tenby and Mumbles before finishing the series at Tata Steel.

This is an Open Event, inviting others from around the region to enter and join in the fun FREE of charge.

The schedule:

  • Saundersfoot May 29th to 31st
  • Mumbles June 8th and 9th
  • Tenby June 22nd and 23rd
  • Pembroke YC June 29th and 30th
  • Llandegfedd July 20th and 21st
  • Tata Steel Regatta October 19th and 20th
  • Event Contact: Andrew Jenkins

    Notice of Race: Click here to read the 2019 Traveller's Series Notice of Race

    Sailing Instructions: There will be no specific Sailing Instructions as this will be covered by each individual Event Organising Authority. For details, look to each event organisation website

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, anyone can apply to join the club - not just Tata Steel employees! Associate Members make up the bulk of the club's membership
    Click on the "Join Us" page above and choose the appropriate application form from this website. You are welcome to the club at any time we are open. Please look at the calendar to see when we are there
    Times and dates vary through the seasons, check the calendar for planned activities. Might be an idea to contact a member first and arrange a visit, although you are very welcome to just turn up at any time we're there
    Membership fees vary depending on your circumstances. Download the application form, it details the various offers. The Membership Secretary can help you choose the best option for you if you need help
    We've had sailing members from 8 years old to 85. Physical fitness is more important than age. Sailing is one of those hobbies that suites all. You just need to pick the boat that suites you.
    If you are a complete beginner, we have a number of RYA courses you can do as part of your membership. If the schedule does not suite you, we can tailor it to your needs and put you with a buddy. This is a person you team up with to guide you through your training. He/She can help you arrange days of tuition to cover particular aspects or just advise you on how to iprove your techniques